Shinobi Shoes

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From the City of Craftsmen - to the world

Sneakers handmade in Fuchu, Hiroshima

We Vulcanize

We have the most unique shoe soles on the planet. 

Few shoe companies vulcanize, and for good reason. It's hard to get right.

Invented by Charles Goodyear in 1839 for automotive tire production, vulcanization uses intense heat, pressure, and sulfur. 

That's right, our handmade shoes are forged in the same crucible as race tires.  So you know they're tough.

We have the most unique shoe soles on the planet.



Every single shoe is hand made by the good people of Fuchu, Hirosihma in Japan. 

We make the rubber for our soles in our own factory. We literally guarantee the best quality from creation to application.


Each shoe is unique, no two are exactly alike. The pair you own will never have an exact replica. 

From heel to toe, our soles wrap your feet and flex up. Our look is one of a kind, iconic.


Comfort is key. Our shoes are so comfortable you'll finish the day less tired with more energy compared to other shoes. 

Our iconic rubber sole isn't just strong, its flexible. In part it's why they are called MOVE. The soles, bend, flex, and MOVE with you.

Our insoles are special as well. We used layered latex rubber for impact absorption. Under the latex layer is a material so soft its used in cosmetic puffs.